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Fantasy Character Spotlight: Gora from Dynasty Codes

A fan fav, I wanted to feature Gora in my first fantasy character spotlight post. He's the one with the most reader ravings, to the point there have been requests for a book dedicated to just Gora and his story before the events of Dynasty Codes takes place.

Well, for those of you asking, I'm pleased to say there WILL be a prequel: and it'll all be Gora's backstory. It's pretty chilling.

And honestly, I get it. He's one of my favourite characters to write too. There was always something about him that made him seem like a real person. He's been a character I've seen clearly since I was 18, and I couldn't find a story for him until Yoshiko came along, and then it clicked that they would be in a story together. It worked so well. The duo, the sibling-like bickering, but the way they could support each other even if they came from totally different backgrounds.

So let's take a look into one of our favourite characters, and I'd love if you can comment below too and let me know what you thought of him.

Fantasy Character Spotlight: Gora from Dynasty Codes, a Fantasy series by Sarah Kate Ishii

Fantasy Character Spotlight: Gora

Secondary character of Origin Curse, primary MC of Dark Tides. Upcoming primary MC of as-yet-unnamed WIP, Gora's Story.

Age: unknown. Mid thirties ... ish. But as he was stolen as a boy, he had no idea how long he was at sea. He just guesses at this point.

A boy born in the magical land of Eire, Gora has a lilting accent, a love of songs and stories of magic, and is a quiet soul. Introverted, he just likes time on his own.

But after being stolen from his home by pirates, he had a rough and dishonest life as he was forced to slave on their ships. He vowed to escape at any cost. He's had a lot of crime and blood on his hands, and he hates it.

When he did finally manage to escape, he vowed to only do good again. Only help people. And so this quiet man found a home in a country as far away as possible from the ones who stole him and lived the honest life of a do-all hunter and handyman. He loves this quiet life by the forest, but always ends up getting sucked up into bad things to help people.

The thing that gets me the most about him is that even though he would love to return home, to Eire, he has no idea how to return home at all. So he abandoned that plan altogether and forced himself to live a new life.

Hobbies: hunting, carpenting (badly), drinking, singing, cooking.

Skilled in: fighting (double blade, mostly cutlass), cooking, hunting, singing.

Dislikes: annoying people, lots of noise, crime, Yoshiko's cooking (seriously thinks it will kill him).

Key friend: Yoshiko. Even though he thinks she's too loud, energetic, never shuts up, and gets annoyed at all the questions she never stops asking, he thinks of her like the little sister he never got to have and likes annoying and teasing her, and would hunt down anyone who hurt her. And does.

Current career: Captain of the Sea Guardian, making the seas safe from pirates and slavers to try to make sure no child is forced into a life like he was.

Image of a character from Dynasty Codes, Gora, for a fantasy character spotlight. Gora staring at two ships battling on the sea.

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Was there anything else about Gora's character that you liked best? Or is there a fantasy character spotlight from Dynasty Codes you want to see next? Let me know in the comments below.


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