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Celebrating the first birthday of Dynasty Codes: Origin Curse! (An author’s life)

Updated: Mar 25

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my debut fantasy novel Dynasty Codes: Origin Curse launched. A lot has happened, and the author’s life is a busy but enjoyable one.

Celebrating the birthday of Origin Curse: one year in an author's life.
Celebrating the birthday of Origin Curse: one year in an author's life.

Saturday 25th March 2023, Origin Curse was launched with a small group of friends and readers in the Avid Reader bookstore in Brisbane. It was incredible to have that moment to celebrate. Writing and publishing a book is a long process with lots of hard work, and so I fully believe giving yourself that time to celebrate the result of your hard work (an actually finished book you can hold in your hands!) is a must-do for new authors.

Book launch of fantasy book Origin Curse by Sarah Kate Ishii, with an audience smiling at the camera and holding up books.
Book launch of Dynasty Codes: Origin Curse Saturday 25th March 2023 at the Avid Reader bookstore in Brisbane.

Since then, in the year I’ve met so many great fantasy readers at several book signing events in Dymocks stories throughout Brisbane and at the Book Fair in Sydney and had the time of my life nerding about all things bookish and fantasy. Alongside that, we’ve already gone through three print runs of Origin Curse, with a fourth in the works now.

Even better, I was able to release book 2 of Dynasty Codes: Dark Tides in October too at the Book Fair, where I also got to spend time with two of my amazing author friends, Adam Scholte and Ned Stephenson. I recommend you check out books by both of them too!

I love the writer’s life, but it’s a lot tougher than it seems on the surface.

What's my author's life like?

Writing, for me, involves waking up most days at 4 am. Yes, 4 am. Even on weekends if I can drag myself into living the disciplined life.


I work full time, and the only time I could make for my own creative time was early in the morning before people woke up. Especially after my son was born, in 2022.

Being a full-time worker and full-time mother doesn’t leave much time, but it’s got to be done. I need to find time for my creative work, or I don’t feel healthy or thriving.

That does mean, however, it’s hard to find time for marketing or socials, so I admit you don’t see me online or pushing my work as much as an author in this day and age should do. It’s hard!

Find time to write books, or time to market. It’s a tough choice, and the reason I write is for the writing. So maybe I don’t get out there as much as I should.

Little by little though.

My advice for new writers

This life means progress is slow, but if it’s something you want to do, it’s worth doing slowly than not at all.

Even if you can only start with five minutes a day, or a paragraph at a time. You’ll get better, you’ll get quicker, and some days you might even find you can power through thirty minutes or an hour.

Either way, no matter way, carve some time into your daily routine just for you and your writing. Even if it’s hiding in the car from your kids or on the bus to work or in the queue at a store.

And, I'll admit, there have been more times that I've fallen asleep at my desk on those 4 am writing sessions than I care to admit, especially during the cold winter mornings when I'm cuddled under a blanket and the mornings are dark.

It’s long, slow, but the best thing ever. And even though it’s only been a year since my first book has been out, it’s been the best year, and I’ve met the best bookish people.

The author’s life is the life for me, and I can’t wait to tell you all about the next books that will be coming your way, from the Dynasty Codes series and as standalones.

So happy first birthday, Origin Curse, and if you’ve not got a copy of your own yet, please help me celebrate its birthday by grabbing yourself a copy from Amazon or at a store near you.

Book cover artwork for book 1 of fantasy book series Dynasty Codes: Origin Curse, debut novel for fantasy author Sarah Kate Ishii

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