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Character art: Meet the MC, Yoshiko

Character art: Yoshiko. I'm still in awe over the skills of @flow_n_draw. This was one of the art pieces we looked at for the cover of Origin Curse, and though we didn't end up using it as I felt the vibe was a little too young and light for the story, I still adore it.

Yoshiko is the primary character in Origin Curse, pictured here in Flo's interpretation (so cool by the way to see a character come to life in an artistic interpretation). At the start of the book, she's hopeful, has dreams and things she wants to achieve, and is curious and chatty. This really sums up start of the book Yoshiko well.

I think had she had the opportunity to discover her powers in a scenario where her life had stayed the same, this would have summed up her relationship with her powers beautifully.

Instead, she ends up fearing them, and it takes her a while to come to grips with who she really is.

I think learning she can use them to help people around her really brought her to piece with her powers, cursed as they were.

What impressions of her and her story do you get from looking at this gorgeous character art?

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