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I'm beyond excited to finally show you the official cover reveal for Haru & Yuka and the Disappearing Kitsuné Guard, my upcoming children's fantasy picture book.

Children's books were what got me into wanting to be an author. I've wanted to be an author ever since I was about three years old, so naturally at that age it was children's picture books that were a big part of my reading experience, particularly in the fantasy genre.

I remember trying to write and draw my own 'books' with coloured crayons and pieces of A4 paper.

Fast forward to adulthood, and here we are, with my very first children's fantasy picture book ready for release!

Artwork done by the amazing Mel Schroeder, who I am so excited to have found to join me on this journey.

Her artwork brings my stories to life so well, and the little additions she makes to my work to surprise me really do enhance it so well. She's an amazing person on my book team.

I hope you love it as much as we do.

Official cover reveal of my new children's fantasy picture book, Haru & Yuka and the Disappearing Kitsuné Guard.
Haru & Yuka's adventures are coming to you soon!

If you know someone with little ones who will love to immerse in this story at bedtimes and learn a little about another culture (or even if that's just for you!), join the waiting list, and stay tuned for more on when this beautiful book will be released.

I truly believe fantasy books can change the world.

With strong plots, themes, worldbuilding …

Character arcs that feel like such real people to us that we relate to them and feel inspired by them …

Ideas you don’t get anywhere else that just 🤯🤩

The way you can impact a reader through fantasy stories might just be what gives them the drive and inspiration to take action and go down a certain path that will make a great difference to the world.

Fantasy is a true magic.

And if you're not a fantasy reader yet, you should be, because it'll offer you perspectives and opportunities you can't meet in the real world. Experiences and views you can't meet anywhere else.

If you need a book to start with, try mine 😉

Available at your favourite online and eBook retailer, but here's the Amazon link for a few sneak peeks.

Today I'm excited to release the official back cover description for my new children's fantasy picture book, Haru & Yuka and the Disappearing Kitsuné Guard.

A book that reflects everything I love about fantasy storiesadventure, mystical creatures, cultural explorations, whimsy, magic—I'm thrilled to share with you my first children's book release.

So the big question is: does this back cover blurb make you want to know more?

And who's ready to see the stunning illustrations, done by the incredible Mel Shroeder?

Stay tuned for the official cover reveal next.

An image with a fantasy forest background and the back cover blurb for Sarah Kate Ishii's new children's fantasy picture book

Join twins Haru and Yuka on a magical adventure as they uncover the mystery of the disappearing kitsuné guard. With whispers of ancient guardians and hidden wishes, this enchanting tale will leave you wondering: what secrets lie within the old shrine, and whoor whatis Kitsuné-sama?

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