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Something's Coming ... Children's Fantasy Book 2024

I'm so excited to share with you all the news that I have a children's fantasy book coming out soon! And to celebrate, today's post is all about sharing with you the sneak peek: a hint of a reveal.

I've wanted to be a fantasy author my whole life. Ever since my parents used to first read to me, I was trying to create my own books.

Naturally, as a toddler, that meant making picture books. And as I grew, the books I wrote grew with me, always staying at the same level.

Now I'm an adult, true, I do tend to write for my own age group still. I have always had the habit of writing the book I want to read.

That said, the desire to create children's picture books never left me. I just sat on it way too long.

The truth is, I was meant to have a children's book out two or three years ago. It was written. Edited. An illustrator was found. The art was worked on and finished. It was meant to be published.

But something held it back. Now, I'm not ready to talk about that yet, but what I am ready to talk about is this new project I've been working on in secret.

Many of you by now will know I had a baby in 2022. Since then, the desire to create more children's books only grew stronger. I wanted to create books he could read. Books that told him of the cultures and folklores and stories of his heritages: Japan and Celtic England. These are stories many children might not know, and so I wanted to write them for him, for Makoto, and share them with the world. For other children to enjoy too and learn about the cultures they too might share.

While the other children's fantasy book was held up, I worked hard to start these new works, starting with a story from Japan after speaking with my mother-in-law about what her favourite Japanese folklore creature was.

She said kitsuné.

She said it was a shame it was often portrayed only as a prankster, a bad creature, when oftentimes there was good too, and many shrines even had them as special guardians. 'What about the guardian side of it?' she said.

That's what she wished the world knew, wished was in more stories.

I LOVE the kitsuné. I use them in so much of my work. Naturally, I was so happy to oblige.

There's a kitsuné story heading your way soon.

Time for the sneak peek fantasy illustration reveal

Now, thanks for staying with me while I set the scene. You've earned the sneak peek reveal.

Keep an eye on this blog. Keep an eye on my socials. Sign up for my waitlist.

There's a children's fantasy book dropping with some of the most magical illustrations you've ever seen, and it's coming soon.

I'm so excited.

A sneak peek reveal of a new children's fantasy book, with a tear showing a hint of a fantasy image of a Japanese kitsune.

Want to join the waitlist for news on the new children's fantasy book direct to your mailbox?

Click here to join the fantasy nerd community and get inner circle news, reveals, short stories, and more!


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