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Official Description for my NEW Children's Fantasy Picture Book

Today I'm excited to release the official back cover description for my new children's fantasy picture book, Haru & Yuka and the Disappearing Kitsuné Guard.

A book that reflects everything I love about fantasy storiesadventure, mystical creatures, cultural explorations, whimsy, magic—I'm thrilled to share with you my first children's book release.

So the big question is: does this back cover blurb make you want to know more?

And who's ready to see the stunning illustrations, done by the incredible Mel Shroeder?

Stay tuned for the official cover reveal next.

An image with a fantasy forest background and the back cover blurb for Sarah Kate Ishii's new children's fantasy picture book

Join twins Haru and Yuka on a magical adventure as they uncover the mystery of the disappearing kitsuné guard. With whispers of ancient guardians and hidden wishes, this enchanting tale will leave you wondering: what secrets lie within the old shrine, and whoor whatis Kitsuné-sama?

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