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Writing Challenge – 25 Words for Colour

Our second challenge was to write 25 words inspired by the colours of the walls of the room that we were in.

While you read this, perhaps guess the colours of the walls of the room I was in…

I wrote a few versions- it was really interesting to get into.

You should give it a go with the room that you’re currently sitting in!


1: Honey oozes like spun gold as the mellow autumn sun glints through translucent leaves to reveal the silhouettes of bees dancing amongst meadows of wheat.

2: Old parchment, coloured like an owl’s breast and marked like suede, spreads over the captain’s wooden table, unfurled by the brush of a warm hand.

3: A doe dips behind straw-like grasses, fur-like brushed sand and eyes like melted carob as she bows her head to nuzzle her beloved fawn.


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