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The World Goes By

I created this when I was visiting a relative in Canada. While I was there, I read a book called The End of Absence by Michael Harris. It’s a wonderful book discussing the current age of technology and social media, and the relationship we now have with them. It really struck me, so I ordered a copy for myself and ended up reflecting further upon the topic. These reflections then created this poem.

I find myself, if writing a rhyming poem, tending towards the AABB pattern. I seldom branch out into the ABAB format as it feels a tad more unnatural to me. Therefore, when this composition occurred to me, I made sure to write it in the ABAB so as to practice this rhyming pattern and see if I could make it feel a little more natural.


The World Goes By

The world goes by: day, night, day, The people pass- oblivious- heads bent To watch a glowing rectangle they’re trained to obey. Thousands of interactions came and went.

A seat to the side: the perfect watch post To see these ghosts gliding by, blank-faced. A civilization missing places they’d love the most, If they only looked up and saw, smiled and chased…

… Dreams and wishes, longings and love. How much will we set aside for a cyber life Where we no longer see in 3D, see above The glowing rectangle that took that life.

Look up, look high, see the light, Feel the warmth, heal your eyes, As the sky changes from day to night, You’ll love the absence and see how time flies.

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