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The Knight Who Can’t Remove Their Helmet — Fantasy Story Ideas

Thinking about that scene from Shrek where he doesn’t want to remove his helmet and makes some excuse about helmet hair.

But what if there was a knight who couldn’t actually remove their helmet because they’d been cursed.

For one, people probably wouldn’t believe them. Would they just get used to making lame excuses like that to try get out of actually explaining the real reason, to avoid all the disbelief and explanations and arguments?

‘Oh, forgot to wash my hair last night. Looks awful. Don’t mind me.’

‘Bad hair colour job. New fairy hairdresser couldn’t get their hands around the spells. It’ll wash out eventually …’

‘Got in a pub fight with a barbarian. Face looks like I was sat on by a dragon. Didn’t want to shock you. It’s meant to be your big day, being rescued and all.’

‘Lost a bet with a wizard and they said I had to keep my helmet on for a year. Only a few more months to go!’

‘You know what, just looked at my face today and thought it wasn’t the day for me. Worse thing was, the mirror agreed.’

And why would they be cursed to wear a helmet forever in the first place? Too ugly? Too pretty? Gods were jealous? Drunk wizard mother got frustrated that their freckles looked too much like their father’s?

Then how would you fix it? Can’t get kissed by true love: helmet’s in the way.

I think the best story would be a self-acceptance one. Helmet finally pops off when they accept themself.

What other lame excuses do you think the knight could make about why they’re not going to take the helmet off?

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