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She Dances with the Breeze

Updated: Apr 15

Today I have been thinking about the spring, waiting eagerly for it to appear full bloom, bringing with it warmth, sunshine, and beautiful growth.


She Dances with the Breeze

She dances with the breeze, This friend of mine, Eyes radiant with the joy of life, Of music; This melody that enchants her heart And my vision As I watch from my place beneath the sun.

If there were leaves, I believe they would dance with her. Twisting around her on an unseen spiralling air current. It would not surprise me had she conjured this summer air herself, From the pure bliss in her soul as she circles the trees.

Does fabric tumble like that? I’d never known. Flickering in the air and around her feet, Her legs, Her shoulders…

This smile- When did it look so bright as now? It fills her face, her being, And then mine too as I smile with her, As I look at her dancing amongst the sun and sky With this hidden music unique to only her, Pulsing within her heart and her spirit And thus letting her dance with the breeze- With an unparalleled ease.

Skipping, turning, jumping, swaying; Enchanting my sight as I swear to commit this To eternal memory: My friend, As she dances with the breeze.


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