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Scouse Weather- featuring art by Jasonas263

Today, I asked a friend to give me a topic to write today’s daily poem about. He had previously been moaning about the weather, and so told me to write it about the rain and the wind that we can hear battering the window. In return, I asked him to draw something in my notepad.

All credit to Jasonas263 for the post’s image!


Liverpool Weather #Jasonas263

Wind howling, moaning, roaring, whistling, Shivering feeling just from listening, Splatters of rain pelting at the window, It’s not these sounds that bring me the most joy though.

For close beside me the sound of scratching, The scraping, fiddling, shading of a pencil, Against the creamy brown paper in my notepad, My favourite artist- my friend- sketching in my notepad.

A cold night up north in the east of England, Storm style winds battering against the building, Near-freezing temperatures seeping in near the window, The window being pelted by the infrequent raindrops.

It’s safer inside, here in the building, Watching my friend zoning out and sketching, They moan of the cold and the sound of the wind, As it howls, moans, whistles and pushes at the window.

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