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How to Grow as a Creator: A Book Lesson from The Diary of a CEO

I'm currently reading The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett. My husband and I watch his podcast, by the same name of the book, and Steven's reflections on growth really hit home. I'm at a time where I'm working harder in my own growth as an author, and so this book quote below seemed perfect to share a little book lesson with you all. I hope it helps you all grow as creators too.

When you're a new creator, it's easy to feel like you're not good enough. Not qualified. Not worthy of people seeing and buying your work. I get it. I was the same, and honestly, still am. It takes a long time for that to change.

And what I've learned is that only doing, only creating your work, will be what changes that.

There's no amount of studying the thing that will help you become good at it. Really, the only way to become good is by doing.

Showing up. Practising every day. Writing book after book after book.

I'll be honest. I wish I'd started with smaller projects. Got used to my voice. My writing style. Found my audience. Instead, I had this massive vision for a chunky trilogy, and while I had so much fun writing it, if I started over, I'd wait and make that maybe my third set of work. Try out a couple of shorter books first.

Just show up and practise writing books.

I've learned more about writing and publishing books by actually writing and publishing them than I could from anything else.

Each book I write feels smoother, more manageable, more fun, and I'm finding my systems.

Marketing and finding my audience is still the challenge. I've always been the sort of person who'd rather just write than to be on socials, but I know I need to do both now.

So I'm starting at level zero for socials. But that's okay. You grow by doing what you're unqualified for, right?

So if you're at the start of your book journey, or feeling stuck, I want you to embrace this book lesson from The Diary of a CEO.

Don't worry. You don't HAVE to be qualified yet. That's why you're doing to write. To create. To show up for yourself and your goals.

Come back in a year's time and tell me how you've grown. Guarantee it'll be more by doing.

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