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My weekend was full of fellowship- in just 2 days and Friday evening I enjoyed spending time with both of my martial arts clubs, had one of my longest friends over to stay, and have fully reflected on how fortunate I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

Here’s to those who make me genuinely smile and light a beacon in my life.



The babble grows louder, more energetic. Laughter bubbles, the joyful chuckles echoing, bouncing, Around the company in which you surround yourself. These people, this group, that one key person, are friends- The companions that provide your joy, And warm your heart the most. For humans are naturally herd mammals, And we need the company, The people who will fill our lives the most.

Do you sit around a table- Plates full of good food and glasses full of enriching drink? Do you face the great outdoors- Companions in adventure- sun above you and cool breeze brushing against your cheeks? Do you sit in an amiable quiet- The calm washing over you as, in their company, you relax and dream, Of things of the past and the things you wish to come?

These people, this group, that one key person, Are your friends, your companions, Those you walk the undulating, twisting, confusing paths of life with. Their bubbling laughter and unique personalities warm your heart the most, As you look around at them all, or just that one key one, And realise there is no better company to join you on the, Undulating, twisting, confusing paths of life.

What better way to stay warm, Feel that joy and fill you heart and soul with contentment? To feel and see the light in their heart and eyes. Whatever you love about these friends, this group, They’re yours- this fellowship. Because, after all, humans are a herd mammal, So what better way to brighten and warm this life, Than to spend it in the company that you love the most?


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