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Colour: A Writing Prompt

Here is a writing prompt to test your creativity and build writing skill.

In 25 words, describe one of the colours that you are wearing. Do this for 3 colours. 25 words each.

I love it because it really gets you thinking about different ways to describe and write about a colour- gets you testing different language and different methods. It also gets you thinking hard about what is the most important way to convey it, because 25 words is a really tight number. You can’t waffle, it has to be concise.

It’s the perfect way to test and build creativity.

Here are mine. Guess what colours I was wearing at the time!


Like bleached paper, fresh off the press- unmarked, unstained, inkless. How long it stays this way- like fair, unspoiled snow- journeying through life will tell.

I think of wine, the deepest kind. Of sitting back into a sofa, by a crackling fire, swirling a glass of this full, enticing claret.

Close your eyes. Do you see colours, lights, kaleidoscopic fragments? Too much light. Now think of deep space, with nothing for the light to illuminate.


I would recommend this to anyone!

Give it a go, get your class to do it, get your family or children to do it, get your blog audience to do it!

Post your versions below- I’d love to see how everyone interpreted it and how people use their own styles of language to write about colour.


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Ned Stephenson
Ned Stephenson
Jan 22, 2022

Colours of shirt, pants, shoes, as follows.

Always check before use if it’s come from Mum’s fridge! If it’s darkened, trust your nose, because once in the coffee, it’s too late. [24words]

Just like a US Marine’s dress coat, my trousers are yet to fade in the sun. [16words]

Made by pasture on volcanic soil, only to end in the tanner’s vat, my shoes match the resting place of their first creator. [23words]

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