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Coffee Break Poem- In the Harbour

What could be nicer that to hide away from the biting wind inside a warm café, staring out at the inky waters of a harbour while enjoying a hot coffee? My sentiment seemed to be reflected in the mind of a local pigeon, who hovered by the door waiting for a customer to open it so that he could sneak in and stand in the warmth of the indoors! It behaved very well, and just stood snugly near my table- eyes drooping as it seemed to comfortably nod off!

Today’s poem also reflects this feeling- the peace and magic we feel in staring out at the water, watching the ripples and seeing how the boats move when they’re settled.

Next time you’re on coffee break, or in a cafe, give it a go writing your own poem of that moment. Please feel free to comment with it below, it will be lovely to see other people’s coffee break thoughts!


In the Harbour

Puckering surface, Distortions in reflections, Light dancing, rippling, A harbour’s ink black waters, Where peeling fishing boats bob.

But, some time later, Surface smooths like glass, when the, Wind drops, ripples stop, Metal boats seen double in, A mirror-clear reflection.

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