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A Wizard’s Pockets List Poem

Once again I have found myself drawn to a child’s poem- something for children to experience the magic in the world.

So, if you have any children scampering about, I hope you show them the magic hidden all around us, and talk about what you may find in a Wizard’s pockets!

Even better- get them to write their own version of what you may find in a wizard’s pockets, and have them comment below- it would be fun to see their ideas!


A Wizard’s Pockets

A wizard’s pocket has no rules, anything at all could be found there, Like self-writing quills and spell casting jewels, and feathers that float in mid-air. But that’s not all you’ll find, for these pockets are like worlds of their own, One minute a pocket could be the size of an acorn, the next, if it needs, it’ll have grown!

In a Wizard’s pockets, you could find: A thumbnail’s size model of a pirate ship, the one on which he cast a spell of swift speed, And a unique yellow pair of spectacles, which, any language, they’ll help you to read. One pocket holds an old, cracked wand- one replaced and long since forgotten, Another holds an entire tiny habitat, home to a pair of earwigs who made their bed in the cotton. Sometimes you’ll find a dishevelled leather tome- a spell book that helps you cast spells on the air, But by now the spells have squished and merged together, so often the book won’t even be there! Song quills, mermaids’ hairs and lizards’ teeth, and other mysterious goods, That one might expect to use in a potion, you’ll find hidden in this Wizard’s hood! There are even rumours of a dragon’s egg- deep purple and patterned in fiery swirls, And another pocket homes the nest of a pygmy phoenix- look how it yawns and uncurls! So, you can never quite guess what you might find hidden here, these are only some of the things you may find, For the insides of a Wizard’s pockets are as unknown as the universe, thinking about it might just blow your mind.

Give it a try!


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