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A Dreamer’s Eyes

A Dreamer’s Eyes

There’s a glimmer in their eyes; A collision of worlds as thousands of stars rise and fall and glisten together. Planets and people wander in an ever-changing, ever-growing orbit Around the centre of this soul Who dreams of universes clashing and merging and rippling in unison.

Their far-off look has observed many a nebula Burn beyond its capacity and collapse in a shower of colour. They dance in it, in their minds, as it rains into a lake, an ocean, of swirling rainbow; Reds, pinks, greens, yellows, it all surges into a depth of black, illuminated only by the explosion Of firelight above.

A knowing smile dances on their lips, People they know and don’t know whisper languages never heard of, yet familiar, Haunting their hearing as melodies course through their system. Beats, chorus, conversations, calls of creatures Heard only by them as they dive willingly into their soul’s core, Grateful prisoner, nay addict, to their own mind.


I hope you like the daydreaming chimpanzee. How beautiful! The most perfect daydreaming picture I have ever seen.


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