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Don't live the same year 75 times: life lessons

A quote that really stands out to me is "Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life," by Robin S Sharma. (At least, I hope it's him, or my research was bad! I always just remembered the quote.)

It struck me. Reflecting on the last couple of years, I realised that a year could go by quickly. We get wrapped up in the daily lives we lead, and the next thing we know the year's gone by and it's much the same as the last.

We could easily live the same year 75 times, and then that would be our life.

But, making small and deliberate tweaks could shake that up.

- What new thing could you do this year?

- What new thing could you read about or learn about?

- Could you go somewhere new?

- Could you speak to different people?

- Could you work to develop a new habit?

- What little thing could you do to work towards your goal?

- Which books could you read?

- Which meals could you try?

Things don't happen immediately, and it takes time and effort to make it happen. But, it's certainly worth it.

I've lived by this the last few years, before I even left England. In fact, it could have been one of the nudges to get me to leave and live and work in Japan, the place I'd always wanted to go. I certainly lived a different year that year.

End of 2019, I moved to Australia to live with Partner-san. Each year I learn new skills. I tell myself I'll do something differently. Even if it's something small. It doesn't have to take moving across the globe.

This year, I'm really going to push my author life. I'm pushing my dream first and working hard. Tiny habits every day. Writing a little every day, reflecting on my books and ideas while I cycle or run or garden, watching YouTube videos or listening to podcasts, pushing myself out there, getting more consistent with social media.

Because, a year goes by quickly, and before you know it you've done the same thing as before, just like the last few years, then the last decade, then the last few decades, and then life.

So, what will you do for yourself each year to give your life its best? And how will you take tiny steps towards achieving your goal to make your 75 years count?

And, what life quotes stand out to you that you remember each day?

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