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Writing prompts

To get better at writing, it's important you write regularly. Be consistent. We all know that. But, sometimes that's easier said than done. After all, who hasn't sat in front of their computer or notepad and just drawn a blank?


Discover your creative potential with my writing prompts page. Here, I've compiled a diverse range of prompts designed to inspire and challenge your writing skills.


Whether you're an experienced writer looking to break out of a rut, or just starting out and seeking new ideas, these prompts are perfect to spark your imagination.

Go grab your paper or laptop and write!  :)

Fantasy prompts to guide your writing

  1. Use this line: At last she leaned in and whispered ...

  2. Write about a ship being spotted off the coast at night. Use these words: pint, book, elemental.

  3. Write something involving your favourite colour and an elf with a secret.

  4. Put on a piece of music. Write the first thing that comes to mind. It has to involve a castle and a clue.

  5. Use this line: I only had one chance.

  6. An elf who can't turn invisible.

  7. Write something involving cursed treasure hidden deep within a magical forest.

  8. Cocept: a kingdom ruled by a fair but cruel queen. Use the colour orange.

  9. Write about a powerful wizard with a dangerous secret. But you're not allowed to use the words 'secret' or 'magic'.

  10. Imagine a city where magic and reality constantly overlap, leading to unpredictable and dangerous consequences. Describe it.

  11. Write about a young woman who is a reincarnated goddess, trying to uncover the truth about her past. Max 2500 words.

  12. There's a dragon hoarding treasure and terrorising a village. But there's a twist. You make up the twist.

  13. Use this line: No one told me I had to save the world. But I did it anyway. I had free time.

  14. Write the journal of a young orphan with a destiny to defeat an evil sorcerer.

  15. A city controlled by a powerful vampire, with humans and supernatural creatures living in a fragile peace. There's one little girl right in the middle of it.

  16. You're sucked into the last book you read. What happens?

  17. A young man who can control the elements, trying to keep his powers a secret while using them for good. But he discovers a dark secret about the origin of his powers, and it makes him unwilling to use it.

  18. Write a poem about a vampire who has a toothache.

  19. Write about the reflections of a young man who is half-angel, half-demon, trying to find his place in the world.

  20. Use these words: stonemason, orc, golden, wince, rain, scarlet, hat.

  21. Imagine you're a casual baker or shoe maker living in a city where magic and science are in a constant battle for dominance. One day you're working, like normal, and you're dragged into the middle of the battle, but you have no powers whatsoever.

  22. A treasure chest is found in your school.

  23. Write a poem about a mermaid seeking revenge on humans who polluted her ocean home

  24. A bard leads a mysterious traveling circus filled with magical creatures.

  25. Imagine you're a cursed prince transformed into a beast by a wicked fairy. This one's not a love story.

  26. The evil minotaur has a kid. He dotes on this kid. Write from the perspective of an onlooker who was meant to kill them.

  27. Your kingdom is under siege by an army of undead warriors. You're an utter nerd, not a fighter. How do you try to win?

  28. A young dwarf heroine on a quest to retrieve a magical artifact. Use the words: dagger, elephant, sold.

  29. You're swallowed into a mysterious portal that leads to different dimensions. 

  30. A young thief is hired to steal a magical item from a powerful and ancient sorceress. Instead, he ends up working for her. Why?

  31. Write a children's story about an alien's first visit to earth.

  32. A powerful demon seeking to break free from its prison in another dimension. Trouble is, you're trying out a new cake recipe, and it summons the demon. Write the slice-of-life story that follows.

  33. Write about a group of rebels trying to overthrow a corrupt government controlled by dark magic. Do they choose to fight or free the government?

  34. Imagine you're a witch living in hiding, practicing forbidden magic. Write a diary about your lifestyle and experimentations.

  35. A forbidden fantasy romance. Bonus if it has a twist.

  36. You stumble upon a mysterious island inhabited by half-human, half-animal creatures. Tell us about it.

  37. Use this line: I was born on a ship.

  38. Write about a kingdom in peril as a powerful artifact goes missing.

  39. A rogue angel seeking redemption for past mistakes. Use the colour blue and include a lizard.

  40. A powerful sorceress is seeking to overthrow the gods. Why? Tell her story.

  41. Write about a young prince on a quest to find a magical sword to save his kingdom. He can't find the sword. What happens instead?

  42. List seven fantasy names. They're your characters. Now write about their story as they grew up together.

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