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Writing Challenge- A Fairy Tale of Lies

A friend of mine and I have recently started a list of mini writing challenges. She being in the midst of Architectural Masters and I being in full time work and part time Martial Arts training, we both find it difficult to get the levels of writing we’d find ideal completed. So, we began this little challenge together- most being only 250 words, it would keep our creative brains occupied and growing!

(Please note most of these challenges we found from online sources and so were not created by us!) 

Writing Challenge #1: Put your Ipod on shuffle. Write 250 words inspired by the first and last lines of the song that plays.

Song: Faster by Within Temptation Lines: ‘I can’t see, because it’s burning deep inside.’ and ‘A fairy tale of lies.’

We are a society addicted to things that really aren’t our business.

How many of you get dragged and tempted into clicking that article that wormed its way onto your social media wall that you didn’t really need to read, and also didn’t really have entire interest in?

When will we choose to queue for the harsh truths so we can move on, as opposed to fall into the safety net of comforting lies? The usual fairy tale?


Challenge #1- 250 words:

I felt like I was sleepwalking along the precipice: the sharp drop to one side being the depths of unknown, unprotected truth and the land I knew as safety to the other. Which way my subconscious would drag the rest of me remained uncertain.

The radio crackled, causing my entire being to groan in exhausted frustration. How long had I been struggling to sleep for the many thoughts that plagued my consciousness? That which was supposed to comfort me, to lull me to sleep, only jolted me further into wakefulness.

The news. It was always the news and it was always the same. Who knew how true it was? Society clung onto it with desperation, as I did now hoping some rare item would ease me into rest so I could forget the hard truths that battered me.

I gave up. My fatigue-aching eyes wouldn’t even open as I fumbled to switch the darn thing off.

It was lies. It was all lies. Why do we fall for the bating slogans and seek social media for comfort? I felt the truth burning up inside me- heart screaming as my brain flushed the fairy tale out; pushing me towards the truth. The arguments I had been fighting against fled as they felt my soul being tipped towards the place they feared to go. Finally, I could sleep.

No more fake news, no more lies- no more fairy tale. I wouldn’t seek them out anymore.

I shut them out and fell into the precipice.


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