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Women's Empowerment Through a Fantasy Lens

The other day I was looking back through some of my old work and I found this poem: a love poem about a female friend of mine. I treasured this friendship so much, and it made me reflect on how romance is often shown in fantasy books, and how we encourage female empowerment in fantasy too.

Honestly, it feels so lacking.

The women's empowerment in fantasy. The female friendships. The different explorations of love.

We miss so many opportunities for exploring different types of romance and love in fantasy. With too much focus on sexual love, we miss out on things that we take for granted everyday.

On love between family.

On love between friends.

On love between us and our favourite animals.

On the love we have for ourselves.

I decided a long time ago I wanted to explore more love between friends in my writing.

To have characters embrace found family.

To have characters know more than anything they need their friends, their families, their communities.

Because without my friends, my family (real or found), my community, I know I would not be where I am, who I am today.

In my work, you’ll see me embracing more my softer side. Of love between friends.

Because it’s finding love in many places that makes our lives whole. Beautiful.

So I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I enjoyed rediscovering it.

It’s the perfect way to share with you my commitment to exploring love in all its forms in my work.

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