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The Star and the Moon- Conversation Poem

I tried something new in writing it, I was even told by someone it reminded them of Dr Seuss. Was there ever a better compliment?


The Star and the Moon

A stray star wondered the universe alone, Feeling lost and his heart losing its light, When it saw a moon with the face of a man, And begged him to help set him right.

“Oh, my dear star, what a surprise this is, It’s been so long since something came near, While the sun warms my face, he’s so far away, That it becomes quite lonely to be here.”

The star looked around and saw the red glow of the sun, Indeed, it seemed so far to the eye, “What’s this planet right there, between you and he? Seems a shame to ignore what’s nearby.”

For a moment the face in the moon looked sad, And the star worried he’d spoken wrong, ‘Till the man in the moon gazed back at the earth, And admitted his pain from so long.

“Yes, friends we were, companions all night and all day, I followed it as it circled the sun, But now it has turned inwards, towards little humans, Though I follow it still, my dear friend has gone.”

The star strained his eyes to look at the Earth, And see these ‘humans’ to which he referred, “ARGH!” it cried out, “You mean those little bugs? For the earth to ignore you for them is absurd!”

“True, they’re pests, let me reveal more about them, They pollute and they scar him with war, They take more than they need, and kill other creatures in greed, It hurts me to see earth so sore.”

The star turned to the moon with an expression of horror, Not believing how the guests treat their host, “Can’t something be done? Why not just ask the sun, To purify this planet from what destroys it the most!”

The man in the moon gave a small smile, And watched the planet with great care, “Yes they do wrong, some even cause pain just for fun, But I too have fond love for the creatures that live there.”

The star seemed aghast, it must be a farce! How could one love things that show so much hate? “I don’t understand, pray, let me know more, What is it about these creatures you rate?”

The moon pointed to a mark on its face, a small print shaped quite oddly, “They came to me once, so mesmerised, excited, amazed, I’ve watched them ever since, seen love and learning within them, That over time, my opinion quite changed.”

The star watched below, and focussed quite hard, Watching some of these ‘humans’ live life in his sight, He saw a forest being saved, and storm-broken homes being remade, And his own heart shone again to see good in the earth done right.


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