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The Orange Ball that the Mermaids Took Part 2

So my friend was wondering if I could write a part two of The Orange Ball that the Mermaids Took, as she wanted to share it with her KS1 class and wondered what would happen next in the poem, perhaps on the girl’s next visit the mermaids would give her something in return…

The young girl sat by her bedroom window, Eyes watching the sea through the glass- Trying to see the mermaids play with her ball, Wondering if they’d play above water at all.

She couldn’t wait when that weekend came, Running ahead as they went to the beach. She stared for the glow of orange on grey-blue water, And saw nothing but foaming waves rush towards her.

So, she decided to explore the little rock pools, Hoping to find brightly coloured starfish and crabs, She heard a strange splash from the ocean behind her, And turned to see shimmering green flop back into water.

There, lying on the rock next to the disappearing ripples Was a special gift straight from the sea: A necklace of smooth stones and colourful shells, with a special stone shaped like a pearl but the colour of the sun.


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