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The Orange Ball that the Mermaids Took

The young girl looked out at the ocean, Eyes desperately scanning the waves, Looking out for the contrast of orange on blue, “Papa, I can’t see my orange ball… can you?”

The father looked into the girl’s large brown eyes, Sad with the loss of her ball, He squinted and pointed far out into the sea, “Yes, look: the mermaids took it, can you see?”

“The mermaids watched us play, today. They saw us kick it, throw it, bounce it and then roll it. And they liked how our ball looked just like the sun, So when we dropped it into the water, they took it to play and have fun.”

The girl’s eyes widened in wonder, And while sad that she could no longer play with that ball, She fell asleep happy that night to dreams of mermaids Playing catch with a sun-orange ball.


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