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Red Kite: Animal Poetry

One of my favourite styles of poem is the Tanka. I do love Haiku, but I find the extra couple of lines in a Tanka, obviously, will give extra room to play with for a more descriptive piece.

I’m really lucky that on the days I am at home, and sitting in my room to work or read, I get to see a beautiful bird of prey circling my home. A small family of red kites live somewhere nearby, so they circle our area daily. There is very little that is more wonderful than to hear their shrill call and watch them gliding outside my window. As Haikus and Tankas are very traditionally written to glorify nature, this is my dedication to my hunter friends who bring me peace to see when I am home:


In circular paths, A sky hunter scans the grass, Wings spread, deep brown-red, Shrill, sharp cries and arrow tail, Peace: to watch a red kite sail.


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