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Learning digital art #2—コウペンちゃん

I've recently taken up learning digital art, and this is my second attempt. So, as I've taken up the belief of embracing being an amateur and sharing my work (see my blog here about sharing your work), this time I'm sharing with you my next attempt to learn how to draw digitally.

This time, my reference was a cute little Japanese penguin called コウペンちゃん (Koupen-chan). The reference was a little コウペンちゃん plushie that my friend kindly gave me when she won it with another one at a claw machine. (I absolutely suck at these, it's baffling!)

To honour that, I wanted コウペンちゃん to be my next digital drawing. It's still simple enough that I can get my head around the different colours and layers and simple designs, too.

Learning digital art #2—コウペンちゃん
Isn't コウペンちゃん cute!

My process of learning digital art #2—コウペンちゃん

Last time, when I did Pantherlily (you can see the blog where I shared him here), I decided that my learning digital art goal for the next image (コウペンちゃん) would be:

  • Smooth lines for the whole image outline now I know how to do it.

  • How to use layer masks to assist with colour shading so I can add 3D vibes, not just block colours.

  • How to reduce the pixelated feel on lines by choosing the correct canvas size.

I'm pleased to say I managed to develop all three!

Here's a great YouTube video I watched to learn about the alpha layer mask to do the shading:

Next time, I think rather than focusing on new skills, I will work on enhancing these three again and growing the current basics.

Here's my コウペンちゃん and the reference plushie

See you next time for learning digital art #3!

You can watch the art progress on Instagram too.

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