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“Don’t Disturb my Shangri-La!”

With the snow bringing a little crazy to England, I found myself reminiscing the sunshine we had in the summer. It doesn’t feel like over half a year since I went to a local lake with a couple of my friends and sat in the sun enjoying the peace and contentment it brought to us, but it was. It was a wonderful moment of our own Shangri-La. While it may not have been a mystical, harmonious valley in Tibet, as in James Hilton’s Lost Horizon, for a typical millennial stuck in their home town it meant the world of freedom for us.

I would like to share my nostalgia of this time with you, as I sit here over six months later and dream of these warmer times and refreshing days:


Warm day; cool breeze, We each live for moments like these. A rippling lake; light bells from afar, These precious moments of Shangri-La.

The sky is blue: a pure azure, Cherry blossoms: the blush allure, To sit beneath their buds- like soft-pink stars, I’d dream forever in this Shangri-La:

There, a bird lands on a golden spire, The sun sets- sky like roaring fire, I close my eyes and give way to time, Revelling in a place that is finally mine.


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