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Book Review: Honeycakes: Counting All My Blessings

Honeycakes: Counting All My Blessings by Medea Kalantar: book review by Serren Kassa

Counting All My Blessings by Medea Kalantar is a cute book, and I loved the message it shares with the children about how to use gratitude to beat the 'green-eyed monster'. I was happy to hear from Medea and to be given the opportunity to write a book review to spread the message of this lovely educational kids book. See below!

Honeycakes: Counting All My Blessings by Medea Kalantar: book review by Serren Kassa of an educational kids book about gratitude

Book Review

When little Nala starts to feel nervous and 'icky' when her new baby brother is born, her grandma tells her she's feeling envious, and how Nala can learn to use gratitude.

Funnily enough, when I was a little girl, I also had the same experience when my little sister was born, and I ran out of the hospital as soon as I met her. My papa had to run to catch me so I didn't get lost! So, I chuckled at the similarities and knew other children would benefit from Medea's book. It's hard to know how to deal with these feelings (even as adults!), and we know we don't like how being jealous feels, so the examples Grandma gives Nala are perfect to model to children how to do it.

Starting young with gratitude? I love it. I think it will really help children feel happier and healthier mentally. And learning how to deal healthily with jealousy will lead children through a happier life.

Great job, Medea! One of my new gratitude points is that I feel thankful you gave me this opportunity to read and review your book, and I think it would be a great educational kids book for any school. This is a great resource for children's development and learning, AND a cute story for any bookshelf!

This review is also available on Goodreads. Want to connect on Goodreads or check out other book reviews of Medea's great kids' book?

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