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Get Writing

If you're new to writing, it's always hard to know where to start. And even if you're not new to it, writer's block can get you in a rut. I wanted to share some tips and prompts to help get you in the writing zone.

Writing tips

Writing Tips and Tricks

Journal / ideation

Write casually in a journal or on scraps of paper. And do it each day. The more light hearted you are about it, and the more casual you keep it, the more you'll find you can write. Don't worry about writing about particular things, just let your mind wander and write about it. It might inspire you.

Look back over it now and then and you might find you have some great ideas that tie together well!

Don't stress

The more you stress about not being able to write, or the more you pressure yourself to do a certain amount, the harder it will be. The most creative work comes when you're relaxed.

Easy to say now, and then hard when you're desperate to write something, and to write well.

How about this: start small. Just tell yourself you're only going to get a few words out, and you're not bothered what you are. You just want to do it. Taking the pressure off will help.

Type on your phone

This is something I've been doing recently because of having a baby. It's hard to find time to write, or to use a notebook, and so I found myself typing in messages to myself little things so I remembered them. Before I knew it, they grew to be longer pieces, and I found it was surprisingly easy to write like that.

You can even type one handed!

It's convenient and means you can type anywhere, and likely you take it more casually than at a computer, which means you'll be more relaxed and ideas may flow more smoothly.

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