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I wanted to create a page of the reading, writing, and publishing resources that I found great. This includes websites, blog posts, and books that have supported my work and that I hope will support yours too.

Check them out and let me know what you think.


Of course every book lover as a list of books that helped them! You'll find most of these are non fiction, as they're the ones that expressly aid in writing and publishing.

On Writing, Stephen King

Mostly an autobiography, Stephen King's On Writing is a review of his writing journey with snippets of advice based on things that have worked well for him. It's a great read and you'll find nuggets of wisdom for whatever step of the writing journey you're on.

Show Your Work, Austin Kleon

It's small but packed with inspiration to get your work out there.

The Practice,
Seth Godin

A book about getting your work out there.

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