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Author Bio

Nerd Facts

Otaku (manga, anime, Japanese culture)
Firebender (Uncle Iroh and jasmine tea supporter)
Myths and legends lover
Ancient weapons, kobudo, archery


Sarah has loved books since she first learnt to read, particularly fantasy. Her childhood life was playing imaginary games with her friends, pretending they were in their own fantasy worlds. The more magical, the better. Since then, she has wanted to write her own fantasy books, wanting to bring imagination, worlds, and escapism to others.

Sarah was born in England and then moved to Japan, where she met her husband. They are now living together in Australia with their son and return to Japan for a few weeks each year to visit friends and family.

Along with writing fantasy novels, Sarah works as a book publishing coordinator and editor, helping other people bring their book dreams to life. She's a self-confessed nerd, enjoying manga, anime, martial arts, archery, and kobudo when she's not reading, writing, or helping other people make their books.

A women's empowerment advocate, her biggest goal is to create modern fantasy books that create rich cultural experiences that reflect what she's seen in the world from her travels, with real, varied female characters that everyone can think, 'Hey, I know someone like that'.

My vision is to create fantasy books where females feel a true part of the world, not just the love interest, side character, or small part of the fantasy world population; to inspire young girls to go out there and give life their all.

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Reading corner

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