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About Sarah

Born in England and now in Australia, Sarah is a passionate fantasy author dedicated to immersive storytelling and diverse characters. As an adult fantasy series and YA fantasy book author, she shapes worlds that resonate with her vision for inclusive fantasy writing.

Beyond writing, Sarah is a content strategist and writing and publishing consultant, helping others bring their book dreams to life. A self-confessed nerd, she enjoys manga, anime, martial arts, archery, kobudo, listening to music, and long walks.

An advocate for women's empowerment, Sarah's goal is to create modern fantasy books with real, varied female characters. Join her in redefining the roles of females in fantasy and inspiring a new generation.

My vision is to create fantasy books where females feel a true part of the world, not just the love interest, side character, or small part of the fantasy world population; to inspire young girls to go out there and give life their all.

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