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Haru & Yuka and the disappearing kitsuné Guard

Welcome to Sarah's fantasy world

Explore the imaginative realms crafted by Sarah Kate Ishii, a fantasy author with a focus on immersive fantasy writing and diverse characters. Whether you're into adult fantasy series or YA fantasy novels or children's picture books, each story opens a door to unique and immersive worlds.

Epic fantasy and urban fantasy, explore rich settings and characters that will become companions for life.

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This is the real magic of fantasy fiction:
it can feed souls and change lives.
—David Gemmell

About Sarah Kate Ishii

Otaku (manga, anime, Japanese culture)
Firebender (Uncle Iroh and jasmine tea supporter)
Myths and legends lover
Ancient weapons, kobudo, archery

Born in the UK and now living in Australia with her husband and son,  Sarah Kate Ishii is a fantasy author with a love of immersive fantasy writing and diverse characters. From adult fantasy series to captivating YA fantasy novels, Sarah invites you to join her on her author journey.

Writing both epic fantasy and urban fantasy, Sarah enjoys most the tales that escape the ordinary. 

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My vision is to create fantasy books where females feel a true part of the world, not just the love interest, side character, or small part of the fantasy world population; to inspire young girls to go out there and give life their all.

—Sarah Kate Ishii

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