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Dark Tides: Out now.

The Series Continues.


Rabia Tanveer, 5 stars, Readers Favorite

"The story is fantastic, Sarah Kate Ishii's descriptions are vivid, and everything feels real. The background building is phenomenal, the universe creation is on-point, and the character development is off-the-charts. You can feel the heat from Yoshiko’s power and her frustration as she struggles to control it.
Origin Curse has political tension and constant action, and the mythology and folklore aspects are well-researched and adapted to the story. Yoshiko’s journey and character development grow her into a reliable person on a journey from a lost, terrified girl to a strong, determined warrior. The relationship she shares with Gora is fascinating as they push each other, keep things light when the tension is rising, and make sure you get a grand old time at every moment in the tale.
I hope the sequel to the story comes out soon."
Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay (2)_edited.jpg

This is the real magic of fantasy fiction:
it can feed souls and change lives.
—David Gemmell

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